Transitioning from Traditional to Contemporary Marketing: Online Strategies for Professional Artists

In this workshop, the participants will learn: Best practices for creative careers in 2023 Options for commercialization and monetization Marketing practices for artists and creatives who are hoping to transition from a traditional business model of gallery representation, to a more contemporary model of digital dissemination and self promotion.   Date/TimeMay 11th, 1 pm – …

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Beginning Sales

Beginning Sales The goal of this Beginning Sales workshop is to help you increase your sales revenue. Finding new customers can be a high cost for your business. In this workshop, you’ll learnstrategies to lower your customer acquisition costs. What you get:  A printable workbook  Cheatsheets, templates, and scripts to help you get started and …

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Find Your *Best* Customers

Find Your Best Customers The goal of this 30-day workshop is to identify, find, and better understand your *best* customers to help you increase sales. After spending money marketing and posting things online with no response. I decided to understand my customers better and what jobs they are looking to be done. Focusing on a specific type …

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Entrepreneurship and Career TUNE-UP

Entrepreneurship and Career TUNE-UP Denise Miller, a Maxwell Leadership Speaker, will be giving this talk series, specifically design for early-stage entrepreneurs and students. This talk series will help early-stage entrepreneurs and students to set goals, develop skills, navigate career and life choices, and become a leader to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves. This program …

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deep dive sales

Deep Dive Sales

Deep Dive Sales The goal of this Deep Dive Sales workshop is to help you Identify and Remove Sales Blockers. What you get: This is a practical workshop where each week we will devote 30 mins per student to come and discuss their sales environment and offer potential solutions/ experiments to try. FAQ Who is this course for? If …

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podcast in 30 days

Start a Podcast in 30 Days

Start a Podcast in 30 Days The goal of this 30-day course is to start your podcast and release one episode on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Youtube. After spending $10k and failing to launch my first podcast I created this course as a tool to share my learnings. This is the course I wish I …

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women meeting


From Ideas to Business CO.STARTERS CORE Program Course Description:CO.STARTERS CORE Program is a 10-week cohort-based program that equips entrepreneurs of all kinds with the insights, connections, and tools needed to turn ideas into action. What’s Covered: Throughout the program, participants develop and fine-tune their ideas, critically examining every part and determining next steps through real-time feedback …

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group meeting

Get Started Workshop

Get Started Workshop During the CO.STARTERS Get Started Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to understand what’s driving you, to explore your idea through the CO.STARTERS Canvas, and refine your model by learning ways to get meaningful customer feedback and start pursuing your idea today. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of …

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