Tech Start-up in Queens Leads Efforts in Solving Airline Delays with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Tech Start-up in Queens Leads Efforts in Solving Airline Delays with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Victor Oribamise, CEO of Kquika

Written by: David Kakoraiev & PrimeGuide Partners

Victor Oribamise, CEO of Kquika, a tech start-up in Queens, New York, cracked the code with machine learning to save airline companies millions of dollars. With the usage of artificial intelligence, Kquika is able to recognize patterns in data from the past, to predict delays, cancellations, and when an airplane part needs to be replaced. So far, Kquika has saved airlines $5 million dollars per year for every 15 million passengers. A prime example of Kquika’s revolutionary services could have prevented disaster was when Southwest airlines lost $1 billion dollars within a single week all from a systems failure. Now, regarding the common concern of AI putting people out of work, CEO Victor Oribamise believes that “AI and machine learning can have a positive impact on our society and economy.” Additionally, Victor says that technology should be used as a tool to augment human abilities rather than replace them, thus increasing workplace efficiency and even holding the potential to create new job opportunities. Furthermore, Victor reassures those concerned by the threat that AI poses by saying that “…we prioritize workforce development and provide training and education for our employees to adapt to changing technologies and remain competitive in the job market.” Even adding that “It is our responsibility as business leaders to use these technologies in a responsible and ethical manner…” Being built, right here in Queens, NY, not only does Victor Oribamise have a strong relationship with his community, but he is very proud to say that “our company has a strong connection and positive impact within the Queens community. We are committed to creating job opportunities for local residents and contributing to the economic growth of the region. Moreover, we will actively engage with local universities and schools to provide internships, mentorship, and educational opportunities in the field of AI and machine learning.” “Now because of Kquika’s usage of artificial intelligence, you will never be afraid of its threat to people’s jobs or be left stranded at an airport again.”

Who is Victor Oribamise?

Victor Oribamise was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. But about eight years ago he and his family decided to move to the United States. Specifically moving to Minnesota, Victor wished to further his education in an American college. Already getting his bachelor’s degree back in Nigeria, he went to North Dakota State University to get his master’s degree. At this stage in Oribamise’s life, he decided to research predicting heritability in a large population using machine learning software. Astonishingly, he was able to build some software that predicts the heritability of certain traits for the next generation of offspring. Seeking to further educate himself, he then went to Cornell University to obtain his Ph.D. But, during this time Victor Oribamise envisioned a potential business idea in the aviation industry. By using the idea of prediction delays using machine learning, he would be able to save airline companies a lot of money. Thus, Victor Oribamise created his company, Kquika.

Inspiration & Mission

The mission that Victor Oribamise seeks to focus on with his creation of Kquika is to “know things before they happen.” To continuously be as he called it, “all-knowing.” He also believes that success in any business is sourced from an entrepreneur’s sense of urgency. To never push off work in order to save some time now. He mentions that “if I’m able to do it right now, I’ll be able to have more time to do other things in the future.” A business owner must be spontaneous, in a way impulsive when leading their business. In simple terms, Oribamise says that life is too short and too unpredictable to be pushing things for the future. There is no better time to do something than right now. In addition, Victor’s biggest inspiration in the business world is Steve Jobs. Specifically looking up to his lifestyle, work ethic, and divergent thinking, Oribamise constantly tries to incorporate a lot of Steve Jobs’s business ideas into the growth of Kquika. One example is to prioritize consumers’ needs so that you’ll be able to produce a long-lasting product that can only grow for generations to come.

Growth & Overcoming Failure

An obstacle that Victor Oribamise seems to “consider as a failure” for Kquika is getting clients. His goal is to maintain a clientele of about 10 to 15 throughout the year. However, he claims that Kquika is behind in such a goal, having about only eight clients at the moment. Oribamise considers this to be a failure directed toward himself because “as the business guy, I did not deliver on my promise.” However, through such a roadblock in the growth of Kquika, he has learned from his mistakes in the past. He learned that “sometimes life does not go according to how you plan…all my life I’ve always been a linear guy. I plan things and execute them…but in the business world, sometimes things have been happening to me that are out of my control.” Victor understands that things may not always happen the way one wants them to, but the way you adapt to such fast-coming obstacles, is what allows your business to swim or to drown. Victor Oribamise also has very optimistic views toward the progression of Kquika. He expects to expand the business and become a global brand rather than one that only exists in the United States. He wants Kquika to leave its mark all over the world, to allow people from all around the world to use their technology. He plans to act toward this goal with his new products that are currently in development. Which he claims will “revolutionize the whole world”. Being an “all or nothing type of guy,” he says that “right now, I don’t imagine doing anything else and I will continue to grow the business…when it’s my time for me to do something else, ultimately…I will step back and do some other things.” Despite meeting obstacles along his journey of expanding Kquika’s presence in the aviation industry, Victor Oribamise continues to have his head held high, running his business the way he wants to.

“Putting NYC on the Map of Innovation”

Overall, we enjoyed speaking with CEO Victor Oribamise and we’re glad that we are able to learn more about his journey of creating Kquika. When asked if the Tech Incubators at Queens College fulfilled everything that he wanted, he said “they are trying to make us become better business leaders. We are trying to build something here in New York and so we will need people who we can look up to in terms of mentors and advisors that can guide us on the right path. So that’s what TIQC is offering to us and other founders…I’ve made some great relationships. I actually see a lot of potential coming out of this, not just for me alone, but for other founders in the program. We will continue to put New York on the map of innovation.”

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