Queens College Tech Incubator Highlights the Evolution of an Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Finding Purpose through Music with Russell Targove

We had the privilege of interviewing Russell Targove, CEO of Request Global Initiatives, a live entertainment company in Queens, New York. Russell shared his interest in music and how it became a part of his entrepreneurial journey. Read his inspirational story of self-discovery, purpose, and passion to find yours.

Russell’s Self-Discovery

Russell started singing in front of 300 people as early as 5 years old but it was only in high school that he discovered his love for music. He formed a group with his friends singing songs from the 1950s to the 1960s. They raised $50,000 for their school by simply performing and would sell out and have a crowd of spectators.

In 1992, Russell started his karaoke business at King Yum Chinese Polynesian restaurant in Queens. For 24 years, he would host interactive karaoke events for people who wanted to celebrate and enjoy a night out with family and friends.

Russell has been an active member of the community which resulted in opportunities to perform at Citi Field, NYU Langone, and the New York Mets. He said he wants to do “really great things for people; to uplift their spirits.”

Russell not only hosted numerous local events, but he also developed a passion for baking cookies and cakes to keep his clients happy. He said, “the key elements to all special events is the entertainment and the food. If you have two [of these] great things, you’re going to have a great party!” Russel has been designing cakes for about 30 years now.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Russell lives in Queens, a melting pot of cultures from around the world. He embraces diversity and recognizes that people have different interests. When performing, Russel makes sure that he plays the right music and shows care and respect for everyone’s culture on and off the stage. 

Evolution of an Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Russell completed a 10-week program with Tech Incubator at Queens College and continues to evolve as an entrepreneur. He said, “they would educate you and teach you how to use the Internet to your advantage.” 

During our conversation, he defined his own entrepreneurial success as seeing people come together. He loves finding them in good spirits and in good health. He values and develops good relationships wherever he goes; his business is built on good character, gratitude, and genuine care.

Inspiration for All:

Russell has many great stories to tell. He is grounded and very inspirational. He shared that great entrepreneurs must “always study, learn, evolve” and added, “always try to be better.”

He explains, “you will meet people and you just never know where it will lead to.” “It’s important to be friendly and caring so that other people are happy with your service. That will help you find new clients.”

About Request Global Initiatives:

Millions of people have participated in special events designed and produced by the Request Global Initiatives. Their event planning programs in Queens are designed to provide fun and entertainment for all backgrounds. They are highly rated and considered a top-tier live music production company that takes your requests and turns them into unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelorette party, birthday or anniversary event, or any other type of celebration, Request Global Initiatives can help you put together a memorable one!

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