Written by: Candice Roberts 

For 15 years, Trinidad and Tobago, born Julia Ottley, worked various positions in hospitality but found lack of joy, disconnect, and rigidity in a role that prides itself on celebratory events left her wanting more. Her vision was to color the landscape with a touch of her island roots and jovial spirit that emanates from her hometown and in 2018 the first phase of Triniflavor Creations was born.  

In its infancy, Triniflavor Creations started as Julia simply capitalizing on her love and interests in bringing people together over food and drinks for good times and celebrations at no charge. As compliments from event patrons and inquiries into the price of her services grew, Julia knew it was time to step out on faith, ignore the fear and get started on her business. 

“I took a Prime Skills course to get a better understanding of how to become an entrepreneur and how to begin the process and that really set me ablaze to work on starting my business. I had always thought about it but this course was a good catapult for me to actively work to achieve my entrepreneurship goals outside of my 9-5. I am also a single parent, so another driving focus for me was to free up time to spend with my son.” 

In addition to the Prime Skills course, Julia participated in a Business Model Canvas class run by the Tech Incubator at Queens College. She speaks highly of the benefits of being a member and a part of the TIQC community. “It’s a good support system with so many resources and it has opened up a lot of opportunities for networking and learning.  Through different courses and educational tools I continue to learn different levels of entrepreneurship and am able to enhance my skill set.” 

Triniflavor Creations is now a full, Event Services Staffing and Mobile Bartending company, that typically services events of up to 150 guests (COVID-19 has reduced that number to 75 guests) in the NYC area . Clients are offered a variety of amenities to elevate their events, including hand-crafted signature drinks, bartenders, and waitstaff. Triniflavor Creations also offers custom image branded items like coasters and drinkware. 

Julia’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to, “Believe in your dream and stay consistent. There will be tough days (imagine owning a hospitality business among a global pandemic) but never compromise your vision or let anyone deter you. No one understands your vision better than you.” 

Connect with Julia and TriniFlavor Creations at 

Facebook: @triniflavorcreationsllc

Instagram: @triniflavorcreations

Website: triniflavorcreations.com