Empowering Physical Therapy: A Journey of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where tech innovations and startups are reshaping the way we approach wellness, one entrepreneur stands out with a mission to redefine the role of physical therapy. Meet the founder of Theramotive, Dr. Lola Omishore, a trailblazer in the field of mobile physical therapy, driven by a vision to make PT a primary care option rather than a last resort. 

Before diving into the world of startups, our visionary entrepreneur’s journey began in the realm of college sports, providing on-site care for athletes at the University of Miami. This early exposure to healthcare laid the foundation for her career dedicated to improving lives through physical therapy. 

Theramotive emerged from a realization that traditional clinic models often dictated a one-size-fits-all approach, stifling innovation and limiting patient care. Thus, Dr. Omishore ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, pioneering a mobile physical therapy practice where patients are treated where they are, breaking down barriers to access and convenience. 

Central to the ethos of Theramotive is a mantra forged through collaboration with the Tech Incubator at Queens College: to position physical therapy as a proactive, rather than reactive, solution to health and wellness. This mission drives every aspect of the business, aiming to shift the paradigm from the treatment of injury to the prevention and maintenance of optimal function. 

Success in this venture stems from a blend of reliability and adaptability. Building lasting relationships with patients over the years, Dr.Omishore’s commitment to delivering on promises has fostered trust and loyalty. Moreover, navigating diverse patient needs with emotional intelligence underscores the adaptability crucial for success in a dynamic healthcare landscape. 

However, the path to success is not without its challenges. Dr.Omishore candidly shares the setback of a delayed entry into physical therapy school, highlighting resilience in the face of adversity. This experience taught valuable lessons in perseverance and reframing obstacles as opportunities for growth.  

Theramotive’s relationship with TIQC has been instrumental, providing mentorship and resources vital for growth. Looking ahead, Dr. Omishore envisions broader support for access to investors, recognizing the pivotal role of funding in scaling innovative healthcare solutions. 

Beyond physical therapy, Dr. Omishore harbors aspirations for systemic change within the industry. With a commitment to empowering fellow physical therapists, the goal is to create a model where practitioners have ownership and agency, fostering a more equitable and sustainable healthcare ecosystem. 

In the journey of entrepreneurship, fueled by tech innovations and a passion for transformative healthcare, Theramotive stands as a beacon of progress. As Dr. Omishore continues to pioneer change, the future of physical therapy shines brighter, with accessibility, innovation, and empowerment at its core.