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VERIZON Business Mentorship Program

Growing your business during COVID-19 and other times of crisis

Now is the time to re-think your business model, upgrade your technology skills, and capture market share. 

Join Lehman College faculty in a workshop series focused on leveraging innovative thought and new technologies to reconnect with your clients and find new sources of revenue.

This workshop series culminates in being matched with an individual VERIZON technology mentor, who will coach you through identifying and evaluating different technology solutions to grow your business.

Mentorship Program Outcome

  • Learn how to use technology to shift your business model to meet the needs of clients while finding new sources of revenue. 
  • Assess your marketing needs and what technology solution can help you meet your goals. 
  • Be matched with a VERIZON Mentor who will coach you through the selection and implementation of these valuable technologies over a period of 3-6 months. 

Who should attend?

  • NYC small business owners seeking innovative ideas and technology solutions to grow their business during the current crisis. 
  • Business owners who do not have access to technology expertise and would benefit from a technology mentor and coach.

Program Commitment

There is no cost to participate, however, you must commit to:

  • Attending all weekly webinars/ mentorship meetings for 3-6 months [see full calendar]. 
  • Being willing to evaluate and implement new technologies in their current business. 
  • Being willing to share impact of new technologies on business outcomes (to assist with program evaluation).

CUNY Program Partners

This program was developed in partnership with a consortium of CUNY small business programs in each borough. In addition to technology mentorship, owners have access to services from:

Program Calendar

  • Mandatory Orientation: Tuesday, 03/16/2021, 3pm-5pm
  • Session 1: Tuesday, 03/23/2021, 3pm-5pm
  • Session 2: Tuesday, 03/30/2021, 3pm-5pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday, 04/06/2021, 3pm-5pm
  • Session 4: Tuesday, 04/13/2021, 3pm-5pm (Mandatory instruction & mentorship session)
  • Structured mentorship 1: Tuesday, 04/20/2021, 4pm-5pm
  • Structured mentorship 2: Tuesday, 04/27/2021, 4pm-5pm 
  • Structured mentorship 3: Tuesday, 05/04/2021, 4pm-5pm
  • Unstructured mentorship as needed: 5/11/2021 to 10/12/2021   

To Apply

The application process is competitive as the enrollment is limited to 25 seats in each webinar. Please go ahead and apply to the training by submitting an application through the link below. Application deadline is March 16th for cohort 4 and it’s on first come first served basis

All applicants will receive a notification email by February 12th if the application is approved or denied. Denied applicants are encouraged to apply to the next training which will be posted on this platform.

If you wish to apply to the future trainings please email us at, subject: VERIZON Business Mentorship Program, you will be notified as soon as the next application is open.