TM Walker


Written by: Christine Garcia

TM Walker is one of the Mums at MumsKitchenNYC where they create, sell, and cater baked goods among other products. TM Walker was born and raised in Barbados, She has always enjoyed baking and grew up baking with the knowledge that has been passed down to her through the generations of the women in her family. But, as she grew older and began to pursue a career in business facilities management, she could no longer explore her love for baking in the same way. Fortunately, she was recently able to make her way back to her love for baking and opened up MumsKitchenNYC approximately three years ago.

She first opened the business alongside her family, including her mother, brother, and cousins. They decided to open MumsKitchenNYC when sitting together at a table. They began to reflect on their memories, especially those surrounding their favorite treats. While going through these memories, they also looked to their mom who is one of their biggest inspirations. Not only did she travel to America on her own as a young woman, but she paved the way for the rest of her family to become successful as well. In TM Walker’s words, “Because of her we are where we are today and because of her fortitude and her ability to overcome and do whatever was necessary to ensure our family had a roof over their heads, we have MumsKitchenNYC based on recipes from the OG Mum, grandmother and great grandmother..”


TM Walker also looks within herself however, and her own attributes in order to be successful. In fact one of her biggest and best attributes is her background in facilities management which has allowed her to “be organized, to plan properly, and know the correct steps or when things need to happen.” For herself and her team, these skills are especially useful when working with a big catering order. Specifically, having these skills and applying them help to ensure that the order is complete and done on time. 

Although she and her team have not stepped out of their comfort zone much, TM Walker hopes to expand the business by being able to cater multi-day events. She also hopes to be able to open a brick and mortar space within five years time. 

TM Walker also highlights the tremendous help that the Tech Incubator at Queens College has been to her. She touches on the way in which she has been able to better the website through the help of staff at the Tech Incubator in order to ultimately engage more with their clients. She says, “ with the help of TIQC, I am working with some great folks who’ve been able to point me in the right direction to help us create a social media presence that helps the business as well as trying to ease pain points of customers trying to get in contact with us. It’s been wonderful.”

For those starting out she advises to trust in yourself “and follow the path that brings you the most joy.” She noted that although it may not happen overnight, if you are in a position that you do not necessarily desire being in, it is important to keep your mind open to new possibilities that could potentially come your way. Eventually, with time, those just starting out will be able to live the life they truly want to be living.

One of her favorite desserts at MumsKitchenNYC is their nutty brownie bites topped with Ferraro Rocher chocolate. She also enjoys their codfish balls which are made using her great grandmother’s recipe and goes well with the pineapple mango dipping sauce. Be sure to check them out!


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