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Member Profile: Nupur Arora Founder of Queens Curry Kitchen

Written By: Candice Roberts
Photo Credit: Nupur Arora

Nupur Arora, owner and founder of Queens Curry Kitchen, a trained fashion designer and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a love for cooking authentic Indian cuisine began her journey in the culinary industry by sharing her recipes and food on her Instagram page Queens Curry Kitchen and also on Facebook Live sessions.

“I started off initially by posting photos of my food and sharing what I was cooking on my social media channels and realized I wanted to get some sort of formal training. I took a 12 week culinary program with The Restaurant Opportunity Center of NY with the goal to teach Indian cooking classes. And around that same time I also obtained my food handlers license.”

 As her website mentions her business is a pleasant cocktail of multiple cultural influences that offers premium quality spice blends, online Indian cooking classes for all skill levels, and weekly meal delivery for those that miss Mom’s cooking.

 With the popularity of her social media, her following grew and requests came pouring in from followers wanting to learn how to make delicious but simple Indian food from the comfort of their own homes. In 2018, her cookbook “The Vegan Indian Home”,  was created and the layers of her business continued to grow.

“My daughter leaving for college in 2019, and wanting an easy way to recreate meals I would cook for her,  along with followers asking how to get the spices I cooked with, generated the idea of creating spice blends in a way that others could use to cook their preferred choice of protein and vegetables. Namastay Foods and Bev Corp was established in 2020, with my EZ Curry Spice Blends such as tikka masala blend, coastal coconut curry blend, stir fry karahi blend, and tandoori magic bbq blend, at the forefront.”

When asked about impacts to her business during the global pandemic, Nupur was able to grow her business being that many families were now forced to stay, work, and cook at home.

“The good thing is I have various products as a foundation for my business so if someone wasn’t buying the food they were taking an online class or if not a class they were downloading the ebook or purchasing my spices.”

Nupurs one piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, “Know your gift and always remember that you are there to serve. If you serve with your gift that is where the real value of the business lies.”

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