Estefania Palomino


Written By: Christine Garcia

Photo Credit: Estefania Palomino


The key word in Aleph Leadership Corp, according to its founder and CEO Estefania Palomino is “amplify”. The company, which was founded in 2020, offers coaching services to other leaders so that they may amplify the social impact they already hold within our society. In addition to coaching, Palomino also helps “clarify their goals and develop their strategy”. She helps them do this in order to essentially improve their strategy so that they more appropriately fit their needs. In fact, this also serves as Palomino’s main motivation as she continues with her company. Palomino states “most of my clients have either solution, kinds of resources, tools that if those tools and those solutions could reach more folks that would be wonderful. So I think that’s my main motivation, being able to amplify their voices and to communicate what they do”


However, just as any business, not every day can run as smoothly as one would wish. Unfortunately for Palomino and her clients the reason as to why this may occasionally occur is due to the systemic inequalities existing within our society today. According to Palomino these systemic barriers are often difficult to overcome for her clients that are founders of color “for folks that have a background that is kind of diverse or different from the status quo”. Unlike their counterparts, these leaders face many more obstacles when trying to be successful in their fundraising. For Palomino, addressing the issue and the impact that it has on her clients is something she struggles with herself.

Nevertheless, this same sense of diversity that exists within her field of work is what makes her job the most enjoyable. Palomino explained that she works with “a lot of leaders of color and immigrants, people who are often underestimated and when they realize with the help of a trusted coach what they are capable of, what they have been doing already, most of them are successful business leaders already”


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Palomino sees this as the magic that exists within her company between her and her clients. Although the recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on some of the in-person meetings that Palomino was used to having with her clients, being able to meet them from the comfort of their homes while they remain in their respective countries or states has also been quite a fascinating new experience.


In fact, when running her business during a pandemic Palomino had to make quite a few adjustments in order to not only benefit herself but her clients as well. One solution she was able to come up with was transferring a few cost savings to her customers, thus making their experience working with her more enjoyable while creating a good clientele for her own company.


As for businesses that continue to struggle through the unfortunate times we face, Palomino suggests to “build some space to analyze and be with your emotions” which she says business leaders do not hear enough. She continues to explain that you must essentially make sure that all is right with yourself before worrying about how well your business is functioning as “you really have to build some space to analyze that and to really think who you want to be, what type of business you want to build once we return to some sense of normalcy and of course, during the pandemic”.


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