Course Description: The commercial success of the Internet over the last 30 years has been transformative in remarkable ways. Massive data breaches at the world’s largest companies have also demonstrated that the risks associated with this transformation are formidable. This course will explore the tools, techniques, and procedures of attack and strategies for defense in a modern interconnected world.

Learning Goals:

A solid understanding of the basic concepts of cyber security. Basic understanding of hacker tools, techniques and procedures and effective defenses to them. Risk management concepts as they relate to cyber security.

Course Topics:

  • Week 1 – Cyber Security Overview, Industry Landscape
  • Week 2 – Operating System Security, Log files
  • Week 3 –  Breaching Layer 8 – Psychology – Passwords, Phishing 
  • Week 4 – Breaching Layer 8 – Psychology – Social Engineering
  • Week 5 – Network Attack and Defense
  • Week 6 – Network Attack and Defense Continued
  • Week 7 – Intelligence Techniques and Tools
  • Week 8 – Industrial Control Systems, Internet of Things, and Honeypots
  • Week 9 – WiFi hacking, Attack methodologies
  • Week 10 – Wrap up – MITRE At@ck Framerk, NIST Cyber Security Framework, Capture the Flag

Class starting date / time: Fall 2023

Instructor Bio:

Peter Keenan is currently the Global CISO for a large multinational financial services company, a role he has held for the last six years. The journey that led him here started in the early 90’s, when his career began as a Unix Administrator for a small defense contractor in NY. After a few years there, he founded a technology startup focused on security and networking. That business, over its 11 year run, provided technology and security consulting all over the world. Some early clients included managing internet connectivity and websites for “2600 The Hacker Quarterly” and the New York Yankees, two of the most attacked sites on the internet at the time.After a decade as an entrepreneur, Peter decided to take a leadership role in the information security consulting practice of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where he led and performed penetration testing and management-consulting services for large global organizations. After nearly 20 years of consulting, Peter took a senior leadership role in Information Security and Risk at Citigroup. This role helped him understand the complexities involved in fixing deeply ingrained security problems in large complex organizations. 

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