Cancer Scientist Turned Entrepreneur Makes It Her Mission to Reduce Suicide Rates in Men 

Written by: Melissa Ortiz at PrimeGuide Partners

In today’s world, businesses are often focused on technology and software to improve sales and productivity. The Jamshi Method is a leadership, sales and mental health training tailored to the modern-day working man who is bogged down by day-to-day stressors. The training is focused on mental strength and resiliency that will fast-track development and enable peak performance in male professionals. Dr. Persia Jamshidi is the founder of the  Jamshidi Method, whose main goal is to reduce the suicide rates in men. 

Who is Dr. Persia Jamshidi? 

Dr. Persia Jamshidi is the CEO and founder of the Jamshi Method. She is a Cancer Scientist by training, having obtained a Master’s Degree in Genetics and a PhD in Molecular Biology. She began her early career by working on cancer treatments that included targeted therapies for cancer. She later realized society’s fear of cancer and found people “cutting off their healthy body parts out of fear.” This realization inspired her to change her career focus from cancer treatment to become a cancer prevention specialist. After furthering her knowledge and coming to an understanding about cancer prevention, she became conscious of the biggest cause of diseases and problems in society which branch from the lack of attention to mental health and well-being. Moving forward, Dr. Jamshidi switched her focus to the mental health and well-being of society and helping others. That being said, Dr. Jamshadi discovered the root of the problem due to her desire to pinpoint and resolve fundamental problems in society, which led to her leadership, sales and mental health skills and the Jamshidi Method. 

Mission & Mantra

The mission and mantra of Dr. Jimshidi is “to help society get better with mental well-being.” The core mission since she has a nonprofit is “to reduce suicide rates in men.” Since 80% of suicide fatalities involve men, Dr. Jimshidi decided to make men the focus group for her mission. Suicide among men is not discussed often, so she seeks to make this information known to society and hopes to decrease the suicide fatalities amongst men. Therefore, to reduce the suicide fatalities amongst men, she founded the Jamshidi Method which includes trainings that are “easy to do, easy to remember, and can be done in the moments of stress.” Dr. Jimshidi seeks to “lower stress, anxiety, and the side effects of it which can be depression or violence, whether it’s towards the self or towards a domestic partner or street violence” by introducing these training sessions. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

An obstacle Dr. Jimshidi faced was during the start of her company and it was the COVID-19 pandemic. She started her company in January 2020, two months before the pandemic took control of the world. Shortly after in March 2020, all of her contracts were canceled since training sessions took place in person and the lockdown was implemented. At first, Dr. Jimshidi didn’t think to conduct virtual training after the lockdown was set in place since “life stopped and for such a brand new business, that was a disruption that we did not calculate for and we didn’t have a backup.” Determination kept Dr. Jimshidi going. She was ‘determined that this cannot fail”and it didn’t. Although it took a while for her business to recover due to the pandemic, Dr. Jimshidi never lost faith and continued to have utmost positivity for her business. 

Advice for Future Entrepreneurs 

Dr. Jimshidi believes that future entrepreneurs looking to start a business should read some good books, understand the problem that needs to be solved and they should surround themselves with people they agree with. Reading other people’s success stories can help formulate ideas and help with how future entrepreneurs should think about business. Specifically, Dr. Jimshidi says to “read books from successful business people that you respect.” Reading books from respected authors is important since it is more likely for readers to listen to their advice. She believes that it doesn’t matter how rich an author is, because if the reader doesn’t respect them, their advice means nothing. The book doesn’t have to be in the industry of the product being created, it can be in any industry. For example, Dr Jimshidi’s industry has nothing to do with food but she reads Martha Stewart’s business books. Second, Dr. Jimshidi believes future entrepreneurs should thoroughly understand the problem they are solving with their business. She explains to “never create a product, spend money, time, and effort on a product, you’re not sure who needs it and you’re not sure how it’s going to solve the problem.” Therefore, she advises future entrepreneurs to identify the problem first then create a product to solve said problem. When creating a product, make sure the product is “something that the existing products for that problem are not addressing” so it can stand out and be better. Lastly, Dr. Jimshidi advises future entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people they agree with. She explains that disagreeing with people happens and if people you disagree with are not visionaries or believe they are giving you wrong advice, then it is okay to walk out. Walking out from those who don’t share the same ideologies as you shows that you have “confidence in who you are and that comes with doing your due diligence, doing your work so when they’re talking about something you understand.” Overall,  Dr. Jimshidi wants future entrepreneurs to work hard, work smart and believe in themselves. 

Closing Message 

It was a pleasure speaking to Dr. Persia Jimshidi and we’re glad that we were able to learn more about her background and her personal and professional goals. When asked about how she feels about the services provided to her by Tech Incubator, she said the “program…really show[s] us that their entire goal is to help our business. They act like it’s a personal mission and because of that we received the ultimate service. There are many things that, as a new entrepreneur I hadn’t thought of that they bring up, they help, or they suggest, and it has been extremely important. I’m not sure without some of the help that we were received, if we could have bounced back.” Moreover, she ended by saying that she “absolutely see[s]” TIQC being involved in her future endeavors.