TIQC Presents:ShayCPA

This week’s startup in focus: ShayCPA

The Tech Incubator at Queens College welcomed Akshay (“Shay”) Shrimanker our first CPA member, in February of 2017. ShayCPA brings 10 years’ experience, an openness to technological advancement and security to an often outdated and less than eco-friendly market.

Shay founded ShayCPA as an accounting firm highly focused on clients’ needs. Like many accountants, Shay’s career path developed in high school, the death place of any interest in math. With his interest surviving, Shay moved onto college where he further pursued accounting and business courses. It was another business venture, an independent record label founded by Shay and some close college friends, that would lead to the founding of ShayCPA.  Accounting is a unique field where he experienced the greater measure of success. Acting as the CFO for his joint venture and taking on random clients which he still has today set Shay on the road to a quick exit from corporate life and onto entrepreneurial success.

During Shay’s short stint in the corporate spear, he managed to gradually increase those early random clients into a steady flow of business—a development that encouraged and drove him to found his firm as a fulltime business. ShayCPA isn’t simply a tax time service. It was founded on the principle of superior honest service, and on the vision of helping businesses and tech startups achieve their goals through financial advising.

Ever the mathematician Shay has many formulas that aim towards continuous business growth. One such formula takes advantage of the ever-growing New York tech and startup industries. Shay often conducts presentations and holds office hours at local universities and startup centers such as the Zahn Center (City College’s incubator), and NYDesigns (LaGuardia Community College’s incubator). These events help build clients that adhere to the vision of ShayCPA and as the industries grow, we expect to see a very busy ShayCPA office.

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