TIQC Presents: Tevah Media

In this installment, we take a closer look at resident Noah Morris and his digital marketing company. Noah started Tevah Media with one goal in mind: Make online marketing simpler and more accessible for businesses.  If there is one thing, you can count on its Noah rising up to any challenge facing your business as he handles your design, content and marketing needs with his unique warmth and genuine care.

Tevah Media, the agency that’s breaking new ground in the field of digital marketing, is the brainchild of Noah Morris, its founder, and CEO. Tevah Media targets non-profit and small businesses with its array of services that includes web design and development, social media and email marketing, video production and content creation. Tevah Media aims to help companies grow their online platform which depends on an affordable digital strategy, the very thing that Tevah Media provides. Tevah Media’s creative online ads depend on Noah’s knowledge of psychology—a degree he graduated with from Queens College—to understand people and motivate them into buying the products that Tevah Media’s customers produce. Tevah Media attracts internet users for its clients because the carefully crafted advertisements entice viewers into uncovering or developing an interest they previously ignored. Tevah Media’s products drive their clients’ customer growth which, in turn, will drive Tevah Media’s growth in the coming years.

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