TIQC Presents: StreetLib USA

Italian startup StreetLib has made waves in the euro publishing market. StreetLibUSA looks to make the same impact by bringing innovation to an industry slow to change, and control to the authors who want it.

A welcome development for American authors is the arrival of StreetLib in provenance from Europe where it is already well established.

User-friendly StreetLib USA offers features that the traditional and online publishing houses do not make available.  Because StreetLib wants writers to enjoy the full benefit of their creativity, it allows them to self-publish and market at both the national and international levels without third-party involvement.  StreetLib never asks for any deposit or payment up front.  An additional measure of StreetLib’s flexibility lies in the fact that it reaches beyond the digital and major publishers. The writer who publishes with StreetLib can distribute and sell the work not only online through Kindle Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles Nookpress, etc. but even in print.  For example, a customer at Barnes & Noble who prefers to own a book in print can have it printed and bound on the spot at the store.   Also, the writer controls the content of their work even after the few necessary clicks have allowed for easy publication.  Indeed, editing, formatting and the creation and inclusion of graphics can continue even after the book is published. A hallmark of StreetLib is the elegance of its concept which leads to an attractive, engaging product.

Giacomo D’Angelo the current CEO, also responsible for the conception of StreetLib in all its aspects, hails from Italy, the Marche region long and well known for its love of texts and learning.  StreetLib’s presence at the Queens College Tech Incubator establishes another direct link between America and the timeless humanistic tradition made in Italy.

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