TIQC Presents: Energy EDC

Energy Economic Development Corporation (Energy EDC) is one of the first members of The Tech Incubator at Queens College. The Energy EDC’s mission is to help communities enter new energy markets by acting as a funding vehicle to renewable energy generation. We’ve all had those random interactions with people we haven’t seen in years, well Energy EDC was founded by James Hendon after just such an interaction. After a career in active military service, Hendon was struggling with the culture of private sector Wall Street when one day he went for lunch and ran into one of his former Social Ethics professors. It wasn’t long after that Hendon walked away from Wall Street and into the non-profit sector. Non-profits and social services were a better fit for a man dedicated to the enrichment of those around him but he wanted to go further and, with that, Energy EDC was born.

Energy EDC works hard to help property owners and organizations move from being energy-deficient to energy-efficient establishments. This is achieved primarily not by major overhauls but by systematically fixing minor issues such as foundation and insulation. This seems like a major expense before the actual upgrades even begin, but the Energy EDC platforms work on the idea that savings from the energy upgrades will pay for the initial repairs in the long run. After all, the website has to crash before you can fix it.

Energy EDC isn’t just about energy efficiency for Hendon; it’s also about community service. Helping buildings to transition into renewable-energy consumers generates traditional construction jobs and expands the energy economy into the local community. The Energy EDC model is getting the recognition it deserves, as Energy EDC is poised to start its first major project this month, Hendon is being recognized as a Queens Borough nominee for the Five Boroughs Awards for his contributions to the local economy.

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