TIQC Presents: Doppler LLC

Doppler LLC, founded by Joe Colson, is a technology consultancy specializing in cybersecurity. Having three additional collaborators across the country (Virginia, Hawaii, and Washington State), Joe categorizes Doppler as a virtual company. Doppler provides services to small businesses whose priorities are not IT. For these companies, Doppler LLC becomes an external IT service.

Doppler LLC was built with the mission to provide quality IT services for the underserved category of small businesses. Small businesses are, according to Joe, vulnerable without IT departments, “That affects everybody they do business with, and that could put them out of business.”

This idea of providing IT services was a passion ignited in high school. Having enjoyed computer classes back in then, Joe realized that he “liked the idea that there was this machine that won’t do anything until I made it do it.” So, he continued his study with a focus on Tech and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems from the New York Institute of Technology.

Before the e-commerce boom, Joe watched how companies did not prioritize customer information by not having professional IT people handle tech-related jobs. Joe considers IT as much a specialized profession as medicine, “you don’t want to treat your doctor like you would an unskilled laborer, because they are responsible for your health and you rely on their advice, it is the same thing with IT.”  That is essentially the mindset behind Doppler—a company that specializes in protecting personal information. After all, to Joe IT, “is just problem-solving,” an activity he enjoys. Joe was able to create a startup he enjoys, and that helps small companies.

However, enjoying the business you create does not mean it is stress-free. As with any startup, there is the pressure of bringing in clients and paying bills. In the beginning, Joe felt the pressure to accept any job that came his way. Since building his business, Joe has learned to say no to some jobs and to set an actual and stable price for the ones he takes, “otherwise, clients would run all over you.”

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