South East Asia opens up to StreetLib’s catalog with eSentral!

Published on June 27th on Medium. Written by AC de Fombelle. The Malaysian ebook store eSentral is joining us to help books get shared and read worldwide! // View original article on Medium.

We are extremely happy to open this new door to readers in South East Asia. With a large part of the population there speaking English, this new partnership is a great opportunity for a lot of our StreetLibers to find new readers!

On top of that, this is a chance for Malaysian authors and publishers to get their books in an important store of their own region. We do hope to see more and more people become StreetLibers there!

eSentral was born in Malaysia in 2011, now distributes as well in Singapore and Indonesia, and grew to be the biggest repository of eBooks in South East Asia. They also have reading apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Stores and work with libraries.

We have been working hard to extend our reach in Asia where we believe we can help online publishing thrive as we have been doing for 11 years in Europe. This is a huge first step in this direction and more are to come!

You can get details on the shares model eSentral will be applying for eBooks sold through StreetLib on the store’s card on our website.

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