Looksmart Launches Silicon Canyon

Looksmart launches Silicon Canyon, a data center that is aimed at helping the development of veteran, minority, and immigrant-owned businesses in Phoenix, AZ. // Source: Yahoo Finance by AccessWire. (Link to article)

LookSmart Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: LKSTD) (OTC PINK: LKST) is pleased to announce the launching of its data center building located in Central Phoenix, AZ as a technology center called Silicon Canyon™. LookSmart believes in the business of doing good and of using technology as a great equalizer for social good. Through Silicon Canyon Technology Center, LookSmart wants to be directly involved in community development with the Veterans, minorities, and immigrants.

In partnership with Clickable Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing (www.clickableinstitute.com, as well as, Richie Bello Institute of Leadership and Management (www.richiebellowest.com, Silicon Canyon plans to build and support a community of businesses owned by Veterans, immigrants or minorities. They will have direct access to LookSmart’s search engine, machine-learning, and chatbot technologies, 360-degree digital marketing platform, data center, an entire ecosystem of internet advertising. Clickable Institute will house a digital marketing school to help the Veterans, immigrants, and minorities become more effective, relevant, and successful in today’s entrepreneurial and/or workforce environments. Richie Bello West will provide entrepreneurship and sales training with special focus on helping Veterans become job creators in the automotive industry.

“We are very delighted to be closely working with Jose Andres Giron, a Purple Heart Veteran, and artist ( We will be using our Clickable digital marketing products and services to help his e-commerce site sell his exquisite, one-of-a-kind artwork to the national and international markets. We have also signed a partnership agreement with D’launte Wade of BizHero, Inc., a minority-owned company that provides web hosting and administrative solutions to startups, small and medium-sized businesses using, LookSmart’s data center facility,” explains Michael Onghai, CEO of Looksmart Group, Inc.

Clickable Institute and Richie Bello have already established partnerships with Ms. Jennifer Hammond’s Ending Veteran Homelessness Weekly SiriusXM Satellite Radio Show (www.jenniferhrealty.com and for disabled veterans (, headed by Ms. Amy Palmer. Clickable Institute has also been included in the 101+ Resources For Veterans: The Ultimate Guide, authored by Jennifer Hammond and A Hero Foundation.

Clickable Institute will be at the U.S. House of Representative’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and will join Ms. Jennifer Hammond’s two-hour radio show on the third week of May. This radio show will include U.S. Congressmen, business and nonprofit leaders that are investing their time and money to help Veterans.

“Right next to the marvelous Grand Canyon, Phoenix can become Arizona’s Silicon Canyon to California’s Silicon Valley. I, myself, am the product of two fertile minority immigrants, one of whom is a World War II Vet. Hardworking veterans, immigrants, and minorities and my dogs are close to my family’s heart. It is automation, not the immigrants, that is replacing American jobs. Innovation creates jobs. Armed with passion and fantastic support from our friends, our team will do our best to collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs to create jobs to Make America Great again,” says Michael Onghai, CEO of Looksmart Group, Inc.

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